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Download WinCleaner OneClick Professional

Your computer holds a lot of your life. Your music, your photos,
your business records and your various social networks. That's why you
can't trust just any PC maintenance product on the Internet. After
nearly a decade of research and millions of PCs cleaned, WinCleaner is
the most trusted name in PC maintenance software. WinCleaner OneClick
will help keep your PC working optimally so you can experience that
"as good as new" feeling every time you use your PC.
Your PC needs to be cleaned. WinCleaner does it for you in just
It happens every time you visit a Web page. Your computer picks up
an image here, a cookie there. In no time at all you've got thousands
of files cluttering your hard drive, making your PC sluggish and slow
to perform. More importantly, this Internet clutter threatens your
privacy by leaving a record of the websites you've visited. It's a big
risk to take when WinCleaner OneClick can put your mind at ease with
just a simple click!
Did you know that as you use your computer and install new programs,
Startup Applications and the heart of Windows ... the Registry ...
clog your Windows and dramatically reduce your PC's performance?
WinCleaner OneClick's market leading Registry Cleaner safely cleans,
repairs and optimizes the Windows Registry while our intelligent
Startup Optimizer stops unneeded applications ... improving your PC's
performace so you can get back to enjoying your PC! All of this -
automatically - with the click of a button.
WinCleaner One Click will fix Windows errors, remove clutter and
speed up your slow computer.
* Restored Power and Stability
* Accelerated System Startup times
* Valuable hard drive space is recovered
* Your privacy is protected
* Improved overall PC performance