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Download eJay Sound Selection 1-4

System requirements:
Operating System Windows 95b (OSR2), 98, ME, 2000, XP
Processor Pentium II, 300 MHz
64 MB RAM (Windows 9x/ME), 128 MB (Windows 2000/XP)
Video Video VGA (16-bit, 800 x 600) DirectX compatible
Free disk space 25 MB
Sound card compatible with DirectX
Office Keyboard, Mouse
20 000 samples in the best uncompressed digital super as leading
music series eJay (16 Bit. 44kHz WAVE) All sounds are recorded in WAV
format and, thanks to the integrated browser eJay Soundbrowser 2.0,
collection management has become much easier. New eJay Sound Browser
2.0 provides a quick and easy access to the sample in the audio
collection eJay, as well as all the other samples on your hard drive.
You can simultaneously play up to four samples, changing the playback
speed and pitch of each, and even keep them together in a WAV file.
Guarantee of high quality and compatibility with other products eJay.