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Download MAGIX PhotoStory on CD and DVD 10 DeluxeHD

Comprehensive set of advanced tools for the preparation of colorful
slide shows, ready to record material for optical discs and their
publication on the Internet. About MAGIX AG The German company MAGIX
AG, founded in 1993, is currently the undisputed leader in affordable
multi-media software, including recording and processing video, audio
and photo material. MAGIX AG offers a wide range of software products
for both home and professional use. Comfort, ergonomics, ease of use
software, powerful and large libraries of audio and video effects that
came with the program, make the products MAGIX AG is very attractive
and affordable for a wide range of users. About MAGIX PhotoStory on CD
this effect will be applied only during viewing in MAGIX Photo Manager
1910 Deluxe. You can find the sharpen function in image preview in the
tool bar. - Upload to Facebook FacebookTM is one of the most popular
Internet communities. This is partially due to the fact that it offers
users an easy way of sharing news, links or photos and videos. Thanks
to the useful upload function of MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe, you
can select the photos to be uploaded to your Facebook profile and then
transfer them using the "Online -> Uploaded media to other web
services -> Upload media to" Facebook ". - Improved travel route
animation Now, you can even animate travel routes in MAGIX Photo
Manager 1910 Deluxe. Go to travel route animation via "Edit> Create
map". After entering a travel route, click on the "Animation" button
and select a mode of trabsportation from the appearing drop-down menu.
At the end, you can export the route as a video clip, which you can
embed into a slideshow, for example. - MAGIX Rescue Your Notebook Data
As a bonus, MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe contains the MAGIX Rescue
Your Notebook Data program. This program allows you to quickly and
easily make backups of all data on your computer or a certain folder
(eg all photos). You can read about how the program works in the
program help of MAGIX Rescue Your Notebook Data. - Other Enhancements
ImprovedPanorama image montage for even better panoramas, especially
with complex motifs. Improved presentation mode with automatic pans
and zooms, music and "laser pointer". Now with the image editing
program MAGIX Photo Designer, which lets you quickly optimize photos.
New order assistant for ordering photo prints, books, calendars and
photo gifts. Improved camera import, especially for videos and audio
files. Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Seven Advantages of the
deluxe version: * Create slideshows automatically * Animated text *
More than 150 effects for tracking shots, fading, zooming, etc. *
Audio dubbing: more songs & sounds * Advanced menu design * For TV,
PC, Web, Blu-ray, mobile devices * Output in HD quality New features:
* 3D look on any TV set * Selective color alteration * More animated
decorative elements * Even easier to use System Requirements - Pentium
4, 1.50 GHz Processor and above - 512 MB RAM (1GB Recommended) - 10 GB
free disk space (20GB Recommended) - DVD-Rom drive - Microsoft Windows
XP recommended with service pack 2 / Vista - USB Port - Default mail