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Download Image Line Harmor STANDALONE VSTi 1.0.1

Harmor features a unique and modern additive synthesis engine that
emulates classic subtractive synthesis as well, taking sound
generation to the next level.
Additive / subtractive emulation - generating sounds not possible
with traditional synthesis methods, including the ability to draw
custom filter shapes, and offering precise control over every aspect
of the sound conception.
Image & Audio Resynthesis - allowing a faithful, sampler-quality
resynthesis of audio, not a vague sound-alike often met in additive
synthesizers. Images too can be imported and turned into sound.
Envelopes and articulation - as originally seen in Image-Line's
flagship synthesizer Sytrus, are taken to new levels of features,
flexibility and GUI integration.
Sound creation - possibilities are endless, but not bewildering.
Stutter, mangle, stretch, pitch and manipulate both audio and images
beyond recognition.