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Download Big Fish Audio Big Bad Horns

A Collection of Modern and Classic Horn Band Construction Kits Born
out of the wild, raw power, and elegant fury of molten metal, Big Bad
Horns emerges with the raw and rockin sounds of Modern and Classic
Horn Band legends.
This massive 2 DVD, 13 GB library (6.7 GB of 24-bit WAV files) is a
tribute to groups like Harry Connick Jr, Maroon 5, Tower of Power,
Count Basie Big Band, Chicago, Mark Anthony, Glen Miller Orchestra,
Blood Sweat and Tears, Ohio Players and a host of others.
This library is a powerful punch of jazz, rock, blues, soul, latin,
and funk and is filled to the brim with sax, trumpet and trombone
sections, solo trumpet, sax, clarinet and trombone, raging and jazzy
electric guitars, pounding and swingin drums, boppin and thumpin
upright and electric bass, soulful pianos and organs, and way too many
spit valves to mention!
Big Bad Horns will energize your music tracks with crackling kits of
jazz, rock, blues, soul, latin and funk, all ready to combust and give
your tracks the untamed attitude that only live horn players can give
you. So go ahead and feel the explosive power, inject your songs with
the sizzling sounds of Big Bad Horns.
Xtend Beyond Creativity
The Xtended Series from Big Fish Audio is your new standard for
creating the music you want on your terms. This inspired series is for
the discerning music creator who wants to unleash the creative artist
within by providing them with complete creative freedom over their
music production.
This exciting new series delivers Massive Construction Kits, giving
you complete access to vast libraries with multiple song style
sections and an almost limitless amount of variations so you can
explore your creativity unhindered. Each of the Xtended Series
Libraries is Hand-Crafted with exquisite detail and care, delivering
the quality and authentic content that will completely surpass your
preconceptions of what "Construction Kit" Libraries are.
As a master of your own creativity, with the Xtended Series, you are
no longer bound by a budget to get the big budget sounds you want.
This Series gives you access to a complete recording session with
nothing held back, every little nuance and lick right at your
fingertips, including the complete multi-drum tracks for you to tweak
just the way you like it.
This series provides the music creator with the ultimate depth of
selections we've ever created.This extensive variety grants you the
ability to give your creative expression free rein to create complete
musical arrangements that will satisfy even your inner artist. So
experience the freedom of being Xtended, and unleash your creative
genius on the world.