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Download Mercedes-Benz World Racing Mac OS X

The game features 117 different tracks throughout 7 huge, fully
accessible terrains (Nevada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the Alps, the
City, and the Test Centre). You can drive more than 100 original
Mercedes- Benz cars including classic Silberpfeile and Mercedes-Benz
SLR McLaren.
Different mission types include Sport Runs, Training Sessions, Test
Runs, Checkpoint Races, Endurance Contests and others. You can vary AI
skill level and simulation precision (from arcade to real simulation).
In dynamic AI skill mode computer opponents will adapt to your skill
for really close racing.
Set resolution is 1280x800. Other widescreen resolutions are
You have to open config.ini which is located inside the game folder
in /Contents/resources/drive_c/Program Files/TDK/Worls Racing/ and
adjust the Xres and Yres values to your needs.
CD-check has been compromised. Multiplayer has not been tested.
Music and Cutscene Videos are included and fully functional -
was ripped.
Known Issues:
None as of yet.