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Download Puremagnetik SixVoice

SixVoice includes over 30 expertly programmed multi-sample patches
from the legendary Korg PolySix synthesizer. As Puremagnetik notes,
the PolySix is famous for its huge analog basses and leads while
defining its own unique sounds with curtis chip filters, a
bucket-brigade style ensemble effect, and six voice unison mode.
Packed with over 800 samples, SixVoice is guaranteed to supercharge
your music production system with legendary PolySix greatness,
Puremagnetik says.
For this collection, Puremagnetik created 30 customized patches from
the PolySix and reprogrammed them for Ableton Live, Native Instruments
Kontakt, Apple Logic, and Renoise. In addition, SixVoice uses velocity
mapping to combine sounds in ways not possible on the original
The Ableton Live version of SixVoice includes a reverse-engineered
effects section with a serial chained six-step delay, as well as
standardized Macro controls that emulate the PolySix’s effects,
arpeggiator, and modulation generator sections.
Over 30 multi-sampled programs
Over 800 high-quality 24-bit samples
Expressive velocity articulations and variations
“Renoise Ready” XRNI files for instant playability
Kontakt KSP easy edit user interface
Requires Ableton Live 8.2.2, Kontakt 4, or Logic 8