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Download M File Anti-Copy 5.1

M FILE ANTI-COPY was designed, especially for corporate usage but it
is perfect for home users as well. Let�s say that you have a company
that is developing small games (for mobile, pc, console, etc).You have
more than one hundred employees in various areas of your company.When
your company is working on a new game, discretion and security is
absolutely essential. Keeping track of all your employees at once it
may prove to be extremely difficult. That is why M File Anti-Copy was
created. With this new and innovative software you can protect your
files and folders from being copied.
M File Anti-Copy is necessary because it offers a viable and secure
solution for a real problem: files stealing. It is designed especially
for corporate usage but it can be used by home users as well.
It incorporates some great features, all into a well designed and
professional interface.
This software has the ability to deny copying or moving of files and
folders, as well as the launching of programs installed on the PC.
Additionally, cutting USB drive access to the system is done in a