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Download Sisulizer 2010 Enterprise 2010.322IB Objects 4.9.14

Localization of software allows your design to enter the broader
market of consumers, thereby increasing your revenues, the popularity
of your software and the influx of new users. With this useful, easy
and convenient program, you can do a quick translation of its software
on a host of other languages, having spent a minimum of effort, time,
and getting a good final result. Localization of software, with the
help of this program is in three stages: the first step - scanning
applications and identify all parts of the text. Sisulizer can work
directly with C + + Builder, Delphi, Visual C + +, Visual Basic, Java,
Windows, or a binary file, or with XLIFF. Sisulizer works visually
with HTML and XML. Sisulizer can also select text from text files and
databases. Sisulizer can also support mobile applications. Sisulizer
supports. NET for Smart Devices, Pocket PC, Windows mobile, Symbian,
and J2ME; second step - translation, using the built-in visual editor,
the third step - to build a localized version.
Scanning applications and translate the entire text will
-Localization of HTML and XML
-Support in C + + Builder, Delphi, Visual C + +, Visual Basic, java,
-Support for mobile applications:. NET for Smart Devices, Pocket PC,
Windows mobile, Symbian, and J2ME
-Scan all text files, even those that are not supported
-Ability to transfer only the part that has changed
Supports file formats:. NET assembly,. NET resource, CodeGear. NET,
C + + Builder, Delphi binary file, HTML, Ini, Java, JBuilder, PO / POT
/ MO, and many others
Supports databases: Access, Access 2007, ADO / ODBC, dBase, DBISAM,
Interbase, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Firebird
-Translation of the text with built-in visual editor
-Full support for pages with all existing encodings
-Full support for Asian languages
-Full support for Unicode
Save-a localized version in the binary file formats: EXE, DLL, OCX
Re-translation - no need to translate the application for the second
Print-transfers in the form of reports to the printer, or any other
-Multilingual interface
Improved features:
- Databases: Sisulizer can localize field that contains the primary
- Access: You can pass optional connection string parameters.
- When exporting into XLIFF Sisulizer adds custom namespace if
sl:xxx tags are used.
- HTML Help: Sisulizer scan localized standalone script files (e.g.
.js) that are inside .chm files.
- Databases: Sisulizer sometimes caused an error if the string in
database started with