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Download Sugar Bytes Guitarist Library

We proudly present the complete electric guitar solution for Mac and
PC. Absolutely convincing guitar riffs, combined with amps, wah pedals
and effects. The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step
sequencer system that allows control about playing styles, chord
progressions and song structures. Guitarist can be played live as
well, with just two fingers you can combine chords and patterns
easily. You can choose from factory chords or just create your own
chords on the fingerboard. The Action Section allows you to tweak the
sequence in realtime and apply timestretch, looper or other crazy
effects. Guitar players, keyboarders, producers, Guitarist is the new
solution when guitar tracks are needed.
On 16 steps you can determine if a chord is triggered, which strings
are played and if the strum goes up- or downward. The playing style
(normal, dead, damped) can be determined and the strum speed can be
made slower or a double strum can be triggered. Slides,bends, vibratos
and portamentos can be made and strings can be stopped at any time.
On 16 steps you can create chord-progresions from the factory chords
or selfmade userchords.
Each step of the chord sequencer can be repeated up to 16 times.
That way you can create long lasting compositions and change chords
also earlier or later.
A really cool feature is the animation sequencer. Each finger can be
moved up or downward by 3 seminotes. You can use it for little
melodies and alternating chords and it brings immediate beauty and
life to your riff.
On 16 steps you can combine the 24 available patterns to create
songs or complex riffs.
Each step of the pattern sequencer can be repeated for up to 16
times, that allows long pattern progressions and pattern changes also
at uneven times.
Here you get some realtime action to tweak the pattern with just
pressing a button! Quickly apply a Looper, Timestretcher, slow the
sequencer down or force dead- or damped notes!
Two wonderful sounding amp models are available as well as a direct
out mode for your favorite amp-emulator-software.
Two effect-units with 10 effect altogether provide the colors you
are looking for. Additionally there is a multimode Wah Pedal that
provides a classical wah, talk wah and volume pedal/tremolo mode.
Each finger on the fretboard shows its notename which makes it easy
to identify, alternate and create chords. 24 chords can be saved on
the "Chord Board" to be called with the Sequencer or with your
Here the sequencer is triggered and the 24 Userchords and Patterns
are called for playback and editing.
�All known bugs fixed
�Improved finger and keyboard handling