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Download AudioFront DSP Trigger VST

DSP Trigger is a miniature VST drum brain that processes the audio
output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI without the need of a
hardware drum brain. It supports both single and dual zone pads and
cymbals and can output up to four separate articulations. DSP Trigger
can be used as a way to upgrade your existing e-drum kit, or as the
foundation for a complete VST based drum brain.
DSP Trigger's innovative and intelligent input section gives you the
tools to obtain optimum transient detection. With its detailed visual
feedback and powerful controls, getting DSP Trigger to perform is a
Whether you let the auto-calibration control do all the work or get
your hands dirty with the manual controls, DSP Trigger's advanced
input section ensures that every drum pad will enjoy fast, accurate
and dynamic triggering.
VSTi drum samplers have revolutionized the e-drumming world by
providing users with unprecedented detail and level of control. DSP
continues the revolution by bringing that same level of control to the
production of MIDI. It gives you controls to adjust the minimum and
maximum velocities and well as the shape of the curve moving from the
min to the max. DSP Trigger's easy to use and powerful velocity curve
controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust the responsiveness and
feel of your pads.
You don't need a high-end module nor a high-end drum pad to get
positional sensing anymore. With its advanced software based position
detection system, DSP Trigger is able to extract positional
information from just about any mesh pad. With its cutting edge
positional detection, even the ubiquitous Roland PD8-X which is
described as "not capable of positional sensing" becomes endowed with
this functionality that is reserved for only the highest of high-end
While originally designed to be a VST drum brain, the evolution of
DSP Trigger has made it an invaluable tool for drum replacement
professionals. With its state of the art transient detection and
release algorithms, even the fastest of rolls are accurately and
faithfully captured with all the dynamics and subtleties of the
original source.
Furthermore, with its advanced crosstalk cancellation controls,
bleed from other kit pieces is filtered out and prevented from causing
false triggers. Have a look in the video section to see a video of DSP
Trigger detecting side-stick articulations in a snare track that is
littered with bleed from a kick drum and hi-hat.
Whether you're using DSP Trigger to trigger multiple drum pads or
using it to replace multiple drum tracks, you'll definitely appreciate
DSP Trigger's auto MIDI routing. This feature lumps together all the
MIDI from multiple instances and outputs it by a single instance of
the plugin so you'll only ever need to route the MIDI from a single
DSP Trigger's advanced transient detection makes efficient use of
system resources. This means that you'll have no problem running one
or multiple instances at extremely low latencies.