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Person Mass Effect - The cult game series from the creators of the
legendary series Baldur's Gate and the famous Star Wars: Knights of
the Old Republic opens a new chapter in the history of the genre RPG.
2183rd year. Humanity has learned to travel throughout the galaxy at
superluminal speeds, and came into contact with extraterrestrial
races. At the moment people are trying to find its place in a vast
galactic community. You - Captain Shepard, an employee of the Alliance
military systems and kapatan ship "Normandie". You represent the first
and last line of defense of humanity in the face of dangers that lurk
in the vast galaxy. From your actions and decisions determine the fate
of the human race ... and the future of the entire galaxy.
In 2148 on Mars were first discovered artifacts of ancient
civilization. Soon the earth scientists to fully understand the
technology of aliens that has provided a major breakthrough in
technological development of our planet - the space and time are
obedient man, made possible flights to distant star systems. Mankind
came out of his cradle and came into contact with other civilizations
of the galaxy ...
Since the discoveries on Mars has been almost forty years. Alliance
systems - dynamically developing interstellar state. The ship
"Normandy" - the most advanced starship Alliance goes to his first
assignment. Shepard's your name, you are appointed an officer on the
ship. Your journey begins on the Galaxy ...
- Operating system: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
- Processor: Pentium IV 2,4 GHz / Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHz
- Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB for Windows Vista)
- Video Card: GeForce 6800 GT / Radeon 1300 XT
- Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX � 9.0
- Free hard drive space: 12 GB
• 14 alien races with unique characteristics, mentality and
• 40 star systems, planets to visit the dozens!
• More than 300 playable characters, each of which there is what
you say.
• Many ways of character development - choose between diplomacy,
combat skills, abilities-biotics and many others - will depend on your
style of play.
• 4 alternative endings - decide the fate of the galaxy on their
Two years later, after Commander Shepard repel an invasion, the
Reapers, a new enemy of humanity. On the outskirts of the inhabited
cosmos someone gradually destroys the human colonies. To stop the
imminent threat, Shepard collaborate with a network of Cerberus - a
ruthless organization, which proclaims the survival of humanity at any
cost. To fulfill this important mission is to gather Shepard very
strong team and take command of the most powerful spaceship in the
galaxy. But even with such resources, most consider it a hopeless
venture. Commander Shepard has to prove to skeptics that they were
- Operating system: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHz
- Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB for Windows Vista / Windows 7)
- Video card: GeForce 6800/Radeon X1600 Pro with support for Pixel
Shader 3.0 with 256 MB memory
- Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX � 9.0
- Free hard drive space: 15 GB
• The future of humanity is at stake!
• Create a team of unique fighters and visit the most dangerous
corners of the universe!
• Those who passed the first part of the game Mass Effect, will be
Shepard from the point at which they stopped. New members also will
not remain in insult: their adventures will be no less exciting,
especially because the second part of the game surpasses the first in
almost all respects.
• Exciting battle in the third person.
• Learn the basics of tactics and lead your elite squad, learn 19
unique class of weapons - and obrushte all their fury on the enemy,
using new and improved combat system.
• The new control system, designed for dynamic battle, allows you
to fully control the situation and seek victory in all conditions.
• An entire galaxy at your feet.
• The most remote and dangerous corners of the inhabited space
waiting for you and your team. Visit the mysterious world populated by
many colorful characters.
• Explore the unique world and perform additional tasks, to learn
more about the universe Mass Effect.
- Mass Effect
Game Version - 1.2
Do not cut / recoded
Ability to select a combination of text and voice (see the
DLC - Bring Down the Sky (Death from the skies); Pinnacle Station
(Station "top" - in English)
- Mass Effect 2
Game Version - 1.2
Do not cut / recoded
Have all DLC released so far
Optional installation Revisited Translation 1.52 (a revised
translation of BioWare.ru)
- Mass Effect - Bonus
Mass Effect: ArtBuk; Soundtrack
Mass Effect 2: ArtBuk; Video - Science vs. fiction, art games, video
documentary, Soundtrack
Books: Mass Effect: Revelation; Mass Effect: Ascension; Mass Effect:
Comics: Mass Effect: Redemption; Mass Effect: Incursion; Mass
Effect: Inquisition; Mass Effect: Evolution
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