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Download PTC CreoElements Pro 1.0

About Parametric Technology Corporation
Since 1985, PTC has serviced top-notch customers, acquired key
companies, and created industry-leading products to bring you the best
in product development software. These milestones have contributed to
the products, solutions and corporate culture that make PTC the
leading provider of product development solutions. Our integrated
solutions have enabled PTC to help customers optimize their product
development processes and realize greater business value.
Creo Elements/Pro - formerly Pro/ENGINEER - is the standard in 3D
product design, featuring state-of-the-art productivity tools that
promote best practices in design while ensuring compliance with your
industry and company standards. Integrated, parametric, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE
solutions allow you to design faster than ever, while maximizing
innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.
By investing in Creo Elements/Pro today, you can immediately realize
the proven performance of PTC's industry-leading design solution,
while having the freedom to move to Creo, the design software solution
set to deliver break-through productivity gains. You'll also have the
confidence of knowing that your current Creo Elements/Pro data will be
fully compatible with Creo.
About PTC CreoElements/Pro 1.0
PTC's Creo design software is a family of interoperable solutions to
enable users across the enterprise to more easily participate in and
contribute to the product design process. These three Creo 1.0
solutions-Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, and Creo Simulate represent
the first in a series of integrated design apps. With these
applications, companies can bring better products to market faster by
improving processes such as conceptual design, detailed design, and
verification and validation.
About Creo Help Center
related resource and on DVD media. You can access the Help Center by
clicking or using context sensitivity. The following items are in the
Help Center: Context-sensitive Help for Creo Parametric, Creo Direct,
and Creo Simulate. Creo 1.0 Parametric, Direct, and Simulate