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Download Atomic Email Studio

ATOMIC EMAIL STUDIO is created to meet all possible requirements for
successful online promotion. It offers one of the most advanced
platforms for newsletter management. It will help you target the
audience you are interested in and significantly increase the level of
your campaign.
Due to the wide variety of features included you can easily organize
your email campaigns: create high-quality mailing lists, send
newsletters to the interested audience with opt-in/opt-out options.
Thus, you will get the comprehensive control over the whole process.
Besides, our online services such as Atomic Email Tracker, Atomic
Survey, List Manager and Verifier can be easily accessed with Atomic
Email Studio. Getting and using statistics has never been as easy as
it is now.
Our revolutionary product allows you to install only one application
and have everything ready to start your promotional activities right
create and send newsletters (beautiful templates are already
send replies to the incoming mail automatically
List Manager:
edit mailing lists on your desktop (no need to share to any on-line
service, keep lists secured!)
Subscription Manager:
process users adding / removal requests automatically; - Verifier:
validate e-mail addresses and get rid of the "dead" ones; - Extractor:
find new target prospects for your business; All modules are
integrated into each other and work together
Easy projects and mailing lists management:
� You see everything that you may need for your new e-mail
campaign in one screen.
� Instant access to the email marketing industry news
Very easy to work in Studio:
� you may drag-and-drop, add and delete lists and projects, run
any tool to modify, etc.