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Shapovalov. The group consisted of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova.
Their debut single "Ya Soshla S Uma" (Russian version of "All The
huge success in Russia and Eastern Europe. In early 2001, Shapovalov
signed a recording contract with Universal Music Russia to release the
debut album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy. It was released in May of that year
and lately has been certified multi-platinum in Russia and platinum in
get the IFPI platinum award.
The third Russian studio album, Vesyolye Ulybki, was released in
October 2008 in Russia, and its English counterpart, Waste Management,
in December 2009 digitally around the world.
At the end of March 2011, the duo was officially announced as
disbanded. Yulia and Lena are both working on their solo projects.
The song "time of the moon" is now available in multitrack, format:
mp3, 320kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo:
Crash 1
Crash 2
Guitar 1
Guitar 2
Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
Loop 4
Loop 5
Loop 6
Snare 1
Snare 2
Ula Rus Duble 1
Ula Rus Duble 2
Ula Rus Lead 1
Ula Rus Lead 2