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Download CD-ROM Human Anatomy Primal 3D Interactive

Human Anatomy Primal 3D Interactive - is not just an atlas or a set
of high-quality images - this is "live" animated projects, with which
it is possible to demonstrate disease, trauma, as well as options for
their prevention. For educational institutions an excellent
opportunity to conduct exciting presentation with excellent imaging
discussion or organ of the body being studied. Complete Human Anatomy
Primal 3D Interactive Series includes 9 CD, which provide the user
detailed information about the physiology of various body parts and
As part of the package Human Anatomy Primal 3D Interactive Series:
CD1. Interactive Thorax & Abdomen 3.26
CD2. Interactive Pelvis & Perineum Male & Female 3.27
CD3. Interactive Foot & Ankle 2.0
CD4. Interactive Head & Neck 3.23
CD5. Interactive Shoulder 3.23
CD6. Interactive Knee 1.1
CD7. Interactive Hand 2000
CD8. Interactive Hip 1.0
CD9. Interactive Spine 1.0
Title: Complete Human Anatomy Primal
Version: 3D Interactive Series
Language: English
Operating System: Windows