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Download PlugInGuru Power Pack Stylus RMX v1.8 Vol 1.1

* 40 Drum Kits - 808, 909, PHAT Hip Hop, Massive Techno and tons of
other kits make these Kits a SWEET addition to RMX's existing kits.
* 62 Multis - Single click to load up to 8 loops with effects and
chaos that Skippy but together for a KICK BUTT groove for your music
productions. With the new Host Sync in Stylus RMX 1.8, Multi's just
became a lot more usable.
* 105 Parts presets - Go to the "Open Part" option and now you can
load in a Part that has Chaos, Effects programmed to it - You're not
calling up a default loop with everything OFF - These are just the
opposite. Add these quickly to your existing RMX groove to Spice it up
!! This feature has NEVER BEEN SUPPORTED so this is new territory that
this RMX Power Pack is giving to you..... you might find yourself
using RMX differently after knowing about how awesome Parts are !!
* 42 Time Designer Templates - Each Template can totally change the
way EVERY loop in RMX is played - Add a Sparse Template and a normally
busy loop in RMX all of a sudden has gaps and silence in it !! These
are SO POWERFUL for changing the grooves in RMX.
This Stylus RMX Power Pack does NOT contain drum loops - this is new
preset data that ONLY requires the default factory installation of
Stylus RMX 1.8 to work correctly - Installation is TOTALLY explained
in the included .PDF documentation