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Download Street Legal Racing- Redline 2.2.1

Genre: Racing
Themain difference between this assembly from most others, is that
most ofthe mods included in it have been edited for bezkonfliktnoy
work witheach other, while in others they simply distribute the heap.
This is thesecond version of my build, the main difference is that it
are based onSLRR 221MWM, combining the best qualities of both
Minimum: CPU 600 MHz, 256 Mb, 128 Mb Video
Recommended for the assembly: CPU dual core, 2048 Mb, 512 Mb Video
-From the game had been removed the standard car (they are not sold
bydealers, they do not participate in the races, their body removed
fromthe directory)
- Changed the parts catalog
- From the directory standard discs removed
- Removed weird balloons with n2o, instead they added new ones (all
the machines fixed position)
- Removed the introductory video
- The game of the new engines to V10 I4
- The game is the new 45 vehicles (list below)
- The game is fixed equipment of machines
- Added to the game creak moving parts (not out of the garage)
- The exhaust pipes are moved to section stock parts
- The game replaced the standard suspension
- The game replaced the standard brake calipers collapsible with
- The game adds a fully adjustable suspension
- In a game added to a disc which has regulatory provisions
- The game changed position titles in our catalog
- In a game added to the tire sizes
- The game also added a new spoiler and muflera
- It has become accessible to the inclusion of shadows without
crashing the game
- Changed camera position of the car while driving
- The game changed ROC drivers
- The game replaced the standard color palette
- The game replaced the standard music
- The game changed Dealers
- The game replaced the majority of design
- The game has the ability to add tracks
- Added ENBSeries by Doter99 (to turn it on, press shift + insert)
1. Acura integra Type-R
2. Audi S4
3. BMW E34
4. BMW E36
5. 1966 Chevrolet C10
6. Chevrolet Colorado
7. 1958 Chevrolet Impala
8. 1959 Chevrolet Impala
9. Chevrolet Silverado
10. Chevrolet Trailblazer
11. Chrysler PT Cruiser
12. Doge Challenger 1970
13. Dodge Charger 1969
14. Dodge Viper GTS
15. Ford Focus
16. Ford Escort
17. 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
18. Honda CRX
19. Honda EP3
20. Lada 2105-07
21. Lada 2170
22. Mazda RX7
23. Mazda RX8
24. Mitsubishi 3000GT
25. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
26. Mitsubishi Evolution VIII
27. Nissan Skyline R32
28. Nissan Skyline R33
29. Nissan Skyline R34
30. Nissan Skyline V35
31. Nissan S14
32. Nissan S15
33. Nissan Z32
34. Nissan Z33
35. Opel Ascona
36. Plymouth Duster70
37. SAAB 9-3
38. Subaru Impreza GDB
39. Toyota AE86
40. Toyota Altezza XE10
41. Toyota Celica zzt23
42. Toyota Supra JZA80
43. Toyota Supra MK3
44. Volkswagen New Beetle
45. Volkswagen Golf V
Run the file StreetLegal_Redline.exe
Pleasure game