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Download RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi

DATA ABSTRACT comes with support for a wide range of database
systems and data access component (DAC) suites, both out-of-the-box
and provided by third parties. This includes support for "generic"
data access components like dbGo, DBX (both of which ship with
Delphi), the open source ZEOS library and AnyDAC, as well as more
specialized access libraries such as IBX (also ships with Delphi),
IBO, SDAC, ODAC, DBISAM, SQLite and many, many more.
A unique driver model abstracts all these different database
technologies from your application's code, so all your code has to
know about the database is the driver's name in the connection string.
In contrast to all other technologies available for Delphi, no
database-specific components need to be dropped. And no
database-specific SQL queries need to be written – unless you want
And because all drivers ship with full source and are based on a
very simple API, it is really easy to implement your own driver,
should you find the need to access a more obscure database not
supported by one of the existing drivers yet. We are also working
closely with third parties and database vendors to add support for
more and more databases and DAC suites, out of the box, so the number
of supported options increases steadily.