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Download Apple Logic Express v9

If you've been using GarageBand, Logic Express is the perfect way
to take your music to the next level. Your projects will open
seamlessly and the features will feel familiar, so you can start where
you left off. Tap into an inspiring collection of instruments, sounds,
and loops. Get set up and recording quickly. Perform complex edits in
a fraction of the time. And mix down projects of any scale with full
automation capabilities.
The new Logic Express adds an amazing collection of amps, speaker
cabinets, and effects pedals that guitar players can use in
traditional combinations to re-create legendary sounds or mix and
match for something truly original. It also features new production
tools that make it easier than ever for musicians to set up and
record, edit timing and tempo, and create pro mixes.
Logic Express is the perfect next step for musicians who use
GarageBand to compose and create.
* GarageBand files open seamlessly in Logic, so you can pick up
right where you leave off.
* The familiar interface makes it easy to start editing and
enhancing your compositions with new options right away.
Logic Express 9 is perfect for guitar players, with new features for
getting killer tones right out of the box.
* Plug into the sound of 25 legendary amp heads and matching
speakers with the new Amp Designer.
* Enjoy lush creative effects with the new Pedalboard, an assortment
of 30 virtual stompbox pedals inspired by the classics.
* Support for the Apogee GiO interface and foot controller provides
hands-free operation.
An innovative set of music production tools makes it even easier to
capture and develop your musical inspirations.
* Quickly transfer track content and setups between projects.
* Effortlessly replace or double audio drum tracks.
* Work smarter and more efficiently with over 150 workflow
Put audio in its place with Flex Time, a new set of tools that
delivers the easiest-ever approach to manipulating the timing and
tempo of your performances.
* Beat slicing and elastic audio editing are now available together,
so you never break your flow having to wait for something to render.
* Use Flex Tool to push audio around with your mouse.
* Change the tempo of your project using the new Varispeed option.
* Easily import audio from one project to the other and easily
conform tempo to the tempo of the destination project.
Make music right out of the box with over 100 instrument and effect
plug-ins from Logic Studio.
* 36 software instrument plug-ins, including the Ultrabeat drum
synth and beatbox, ES2 synth, and EXS24 sampler.
* Over 70 professional effect plug-ins ranging from vintage and
modern compressors to distortion effects and amp models, including Amp
Designer and Pedalboard.