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Download Serif Page Plus X5-

Key features:
* Over 1,000 professionally designed templates for different types
of documents
Powerful word processing and text formatting in a professional
* Compatible with all common graphic and text file formats
* Read, edit and export PDF-files for playback or printing for
publication on the Internet
Built-in photo editor with digital studio PhotoLab
* Create and edit spreadsheets and calendars, including the import
of databases and the use of formulas
* Module Logo Studio to design logos
* Professional tools typography and font support in the OpenType
* Special tools for creating a large volume of documents
* On-line tips, video materials, and printed manuals
New features X5:
Support for OpenType Pro fonts
You get complete freedom in terms of typographic design documents
with the fonts in the format OpenType, iconic compositions which
include ligatures, fractions, ornaments and other special characters.
New Management lyrics
Now you can place in the publications of the cross-references and
page numbers, which will be updated automatically as you work on the
Improved PDF export
Documents created in PagePlus X5, supports all types of PDF, making
it possible to play professional printing anywhere in the world.
Color Management
Improved support for color profiles allows us to achieve more
accurate color reproduction and rich blacks get different tones.
Mixed page orientation
By changing the orientation as needed individual pages, you simplify
his tasks related to the layout of large tables, charts, illustrations
and other materials.
Pathfinder sites
Now you can not just do a stroke of figures and objects, but also
apply to the resulting contours of various effects, including
transparency. In addition, we did wrap text around pictures more
Comfortable Document delivery
More convenient print dialog box simplifies the output documents,
and an interactive preview window allows you to quickly make the
necessary changes in case of error detection.