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Download Vijeo Designer 6.0

Capable of supporting video image streaming, the Magelis Vijeo
Designer offer provides access to new types of application. Users can
view their process instantly or following a delay, on the same screen
as the HMI dialogue.
Vijeo Designer uses Magelis Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity and is
therefore able to support WEB Gate remote access, the sharing of
application data between terminals, the transfer of recipes and logs
for variables and much more-all with total security.
Vijeo Designer is the HMI component of SoMachine. Vijeo Designer
will run on any PC with Windows 7, XP Professional, Windows Vista or
Windows 7. It supports WYSIWYG simulation (1) of the expanded
application (without Magelis GT/GK/GTW terminal or target Magelis
iPC), the simulation of PLC variables (I/O, internal bits and words)
and ensures that the application runs in total security on the Magelis
GT/GK/ GTW base terminal or Magelis industrial PCs.