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Download X Plane 9

DVD0 - Complete Game
DVD1 - Europe & North Africa Scenery
DVD2 - Central Asia Scenery
DVD3 - Africa & India Scenery
DVD4 - Canada & Arctic Regions Scenery
DVD5 - Central & South America, Australia Scenery
- The most realistic flight model available for personal computers.
It comes with subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, simulating
aircraft from the Bell 206 Jet-Ranger helicopter and Cessna 172 light
plane to the supersonic Concorde and Mach-3 XB-70 Valkyrie.
- Includes over 40 aircraft spanning the aviation industry (and
- Land at any of over 18,000 airports, as well as test your mettle
on aircraft carriers, helipads on building tops, frigates that pitch
and roll in the waves
- Weather is variable from clear skies and high visibility to
thunderstorms with controllable wind, wind shear, turbulence, and
microbursts. Rain, snow and clouds are available for an instrument
fly in the actual conditions that currently exist! / Stunning new
global scenery and atmospherics, including reflective water and
volumetric fog
- Includes detailed failure modeling, with 35 systems that can be
failed manually or randomly, when you least expect it! You can fail
instruments, engines, flight controls, and landing.
- Processor Speed : 2GHz
- Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista
- System Memory : 1 GB RAM
- Hard Drive Space : 60 GB
- Video : 64MB VRAM video card
The simulator will run on Mac OS X version 10.4 or later, Windows
XP, Vista, or 7 (32- and 64-bit), and Linux. Note that when using
Windows Vista and Windows 7, it is recommended that at least 2 GB of
RAM be used.
Of course, a computer with 4 GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, and 2
GB of VRAM can be used and X-Plane will take full advantage of it.
CPUs with multiple cores are useful because X-Plane will use that
second core to load scenery while flying. This eliminates the tenth of
a second stutter usually associated with transitioning from one
scenery file to another (which is still experienced when using a
single-core processor).
here) or later installed to run X-Plane. Windows Vista and Windows 7
users have DirectX 10 installed by default, so this is not an issue.
No joystick is required--users can fly with the mouse or numeric
keypad. For a realistic flying experience, though, you will need a
joystick or yoke. Any modern USB joystick should be fine for both Mac
and Windows.1
1. Unpack
2. Mount with Daemon Tools or burn it
3. Install the addons.