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Download D-Link D-view Standart 6.0

D-View 6.0 allows you to visually display the wiring diagram and
device configuration supports a group that makes it possible to
perform a backup of the configuration, software updates, and other
similar actions at once for all devices in the group. Also in the
D-View 6.0 implemented other important functions of network
management, including MIB-browser and MIB-compiler, performance
monitoring and sending notification messages. And if the D-View 5.1
was the possibility to send notification messages only by e-mail, then
the D-View 6.0 allows you to select various options for the
notification (sound/e-mail/flash drive). Among other advantages of
D-View 6.0, such as automatic generation of topology, graphical
display of statistics, support services and Plug-In client-server
architecture (only available for DV-600P).
Extras. Information:
When you install the program requires an SNMP-protocol, which is set
by enabling or disabling components of Windows, and Microsoft Report
Viewer, which can be found at microsoft.
Files and DViewNMS.exe DVisionNMS.exe from Crack folder to copy to
for x64).
Version: 6.0 SP2
Developer: D-link
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatible with Windows Vista/7 full time
System requirements:
CPU - 1,4 GHz and above
DRAM 1GB and above
The free space on your hard disk: 200 MB (at least for system files
D-View, not including space needed for the database to Microsoft
SQL-professional version)
Ethernet NIC 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Language: English