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Download Leawo Blu-ray Copy

This Blu-ray copy tool can successfully decrypt and copy most
nowadays Blu-ray DVDs with AACS protection, so as to save your Blu-ray
drive and disc from wearing out by frequent use. Fast in duplication
speed, this handy Blu-ray backup program can save your decent time and
effort, so that you can store your Blu-ray DVD in safe place and enjoy
Blu-ray movies on computer to your great content. Quickly copy or
backup your Blu-ray movies using this simple utility.
Here are some key features of "Leawo Blu-ray Copy":
� Copy Blu-ray movie to hard disk for backup
� 1:1 Blu-ray disc to disc duplication
� Create ISO image for your Blu-ray movie
� Smart Blu-ray DVD decryption
� Backup DVD-9, DVD-5 and CSS-DVD
� High speed Blu-ray DVD duplication
� Personalize disc label
� Automatic computer shutdown
� No system delay or resource hogging
� One-click operation, easy and fast