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Download office 2010 professional key

Office 2010 nixes the pearl in favor of the File tab and introduces a "Backstage" view that puts all the standard File menu functions and more on a spacious menu, complete with print preview. I spend a lot of time printing, managing, and sharing documents, and the new Backstage view makes me wonder how I managed without it for so many years.
Still, it provided some frustration. Initially, Backstage appeared to lack a feature present in every earlier version of Office that would let me open my recently used documents by typing Alt-F (and then pressing either 1 for the most-recently used file, or 2 for the second most-recently used, and so on). In the new version, these keystrokes won't do anything at all until you open the "Recent" view on the Backstage page and add a check mark next to an option buried near the foot of the page that says "Quickly access this number of Recent Documents," followed by a box where you can enter the number you want to see. A lot of keyboard-savvy users will be frustrated until they find this option.