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Download windows 7 product key

The release of Windows 7 promises to go back to the basics of what a PC user expects, improved performance and ease of use. In addition to these core benefits, you can expect an OS that gives back as much as it takes. Looking back at the Windows ecosystem over the past 10 years, a new version of Windows usually required more in terms of system requirements with each new release. Windows 7 takes a different approach by actually being usable on systems as far back as 2001 with a minor upgrade of course. Windows 7 is not just about looks, the Windows Team has invested significant amounts of work into making it easier to do common task, whether navigating a local folder or a network share simpler.

The Taskbar for instance, is more intuitive, productive and provides subtle ways of working with programs that will make using the PC everyday less of a chore. When you use a feature like the new HomeGroups which makes it easy to manage a home network with just a password, users will be more confident to better utilize and share information efficiently. A feature like media streaming is also a great example of the engineering that allows for greater freedom of how you enjoy your personal music, videos and photos.

Fundamental experiences such as installing Windows has also improved, for instance, the initial setup phases focus on getting Windows installed on the system faster, moving common task such as selecting your local language, entering a product key and joining a network to the Out of Box Experience. Also, users are more informed about what is happening as Windows 7 upgrades their system providing a more ‘enlightened’ experience if you will.

Businesses can appreciate some of the benefits and synergies Windows 7 includes when deployed together with Windows Server 2008 R2. Faster and simpler ways of accessing a business network with access to information anytime and anywhere. Search Federation is also another hallmark that makes it easy to search networks and even your favorite websites that might support the technology right from within the comfort of Windows.

Although Internet Explorer 8 has a new battle to fight with 4 energized competitors, it continues to innovate and bring new experiences to browsing the web, from integration with the new Windows 7 Taskbar with interactive thumbnail previews, to a feature like coordinated color tabs and integration with Windows Live Services and Accelerators, using Internet Explorer 8 is a productive, yet fun experience.

Security is not to be left out; technologies like User Account Control are easier to work with, providing better customization and subtlety that will make using it less of a chore and more of an ally. Microsoft has also made Windows give users more choice about how they take advantage of the features the OS has to offer. In addition to moving programs that once came with the OS to Windows Live, the OS provides the ability to even remove features you don’t use or don’t need further improving the performance of your PC and meeting your needs.