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Download Inivis Limited AC3D 7.0.11

Use AC3D to create 3D models for: games, virtual reality and flight simulation, scientific, medical and general data visualisation, rapid prototypes of 3D designs, high resolution 3D renderings, Google Earth, Second Life and much more...
Image file support
Images formats used for texturing and view-background images
- TGA (Targa)
- Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D) with whiteboard controls for easy navigation
- Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level
- No polygon limits
- Edit at different granularity - groups, objects, surfaces, vertices
- Simple and easy manipulation of selected components
- Powerful mouse selection with add/remove, select through and select closest components
- Surface and vertex loop selection
- Fast subdivision-surfaces with instant switch to view/hide subdivisions
- Extrusion and surface revolution of lines and surfaces
- Built-in fast OpenGL 3D renderer with adjustable field-of-view - instantly see results of your actions in 3D. Spin the model or switch into 'walk mode' for Quake-style control.
- Realtime mirror for symmetrical work
- Six boolean operations: Subtract, Intersect, Union, Cut-Away, Knife, Kife and Cut-away
- Manipulate one or more vertices
snap together
snap to grid
smooth shape
align to axis
create new surfaces from
create a 2D mesh using
- Manipulate one or more surfaces/polygons
insert/remove vertices
slice across surface/s
make holes
calculate surface-area
change vertex order
cut away into a new object
- Manipulate one or more objects
extrude along a path (line)
reduce polygons
merge surfaces/vertices into a single object
fragment/explode - split surfaces into individual objects
align to each other
- Object crease angle support - smooth shapes with sharp edges without the hard work
- Texture mapping support with switchable real-time rendering.
- Switch a view into 'Inspect' mode to instantly see the 'clean' image
- Anti-alias 3D views for smoother images
- Snapshot images into the system clipboard for pasting into other software (Windows, Mac)
- Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
- Objects can be named and searched for within a scene
- Attach URLs to objects for use in VRML files
- Attach string data to objects can be used as special directives for POV or renderman, or custom software
- Navigate/Zoom around the 2D views with cursor keys and other single key presses
- Hierarchical view window with drag/drop and locking/ hiding controls
- Hide/unhide objects for easier/faster editing of complicated scenes
- Headlight and up to 7 other positionable lights
- 24-bit colour palette with adjustable diffuse; ambient; emissive; specular; shininess and transparency
- Adjustable 2D and 3D grid guide lines with grid-snap function
- Distances, positions and sizes of selected objects displayed on screen
- Scale a selection to a specific size
- Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray ( Tools->Render )
- Flip a selection about X, Y or Z axis
- Remove duplicate vertices and surfaces ('optimize')
- 3D mouse (3Dconnexion) support e.g. SpaceNavigator
- Multi-platform program - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
- Fast and memory efficient, compact program binary.
- Software development kit and plugin interface.