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Download Rovi TotalCode Professional 4.5

TotalCode Professional is one of the world's most comprehensive professional video encoding solutions for multi-format delivery, including UltraViolet, DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Used by leading Hollywood production facilities, TotalCode Professional features stunning, cinematic-quality encoding; advanced segment re-encoding; UltraViolet CFF support; support for all four Blu-ray Disc video codecs; unparalleled parameter control and stream legalization; built-in video processing from Digital Vision; exclusive ExpressQC and StreamData encoding technologies; and network distributed encoding.
A mastering-level encoding system, TotalCode Professional is designed to meet the stringent image quality demands of major motion picture studios and high end compression and authoring facilities. While many encoding solutions are finished after simply processing a file, TotalCode Professional takes encoding for digital delivery to a whole new level. After the initial encode has completed, advanced re-encoding tools can be used to fine-tune and optimize the finished product for the available bandwidth.
Built as a scalable platform that can grow with your business, TotalCode Professional offers unsurpassed visual quality, detailed control and powerful plug-in enhancements. An easy-to-use interface plus a highly efficient workflow make TotalCode Professional an ideal encoder for demanding production environments.
Whats new in TotalCode Professional 4.5:-
TotalCode Professional 4.5 includes the following new features and enhancement:
- UltraViolet Support Encode SD and HD UltraViolet streams using UltraViolets Common File Format (CFF) and export compliant UVU files that include UltraViolet metadata.
- Re-encode TotalCode Enterprise Streams Connect to a TotalCode Enterprise server and open compatible streams for fine-tuning using TotalCode Professionals mastering-level QC and segment re-encoding toolset.
- Built-in Resolution Scaling Encode to multiple resolutions using a single source file.
- Enhanced Encoding Quality and Parameter Control Leveraging the latest MainConcept codec technology, version 4.5 features an updated encoding engine that delivers enhanced encoding quality and additional encoding controls.
- Increased Output Format Templates Quickly set-up encodes for popular formats using a new library of pre-installed templates for formats such as HTML5, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, Apple iOS, PSP and 3GP.
-Format Support
DivX Plus
H.264/AVC QuickTime
Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad
Blu-ray Disc
Sony PSP
Adobe Flash F4V
H.263 3GP
H.264 3GP
WMV-compliant (VC-1)
AVC-Intra Class 50 & 100
Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra
Panasonic P2 DVCPRO
DVCPRO 25/50/100
JPEG2000 2k
JPEG2000 4k
Blu-ray 3D
-Video Codec and Format Support
AVC (H.264) Baseline/Main/High Profiles, Levels 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 5 and 5.1
VC-1 Advanced Profile, Levels 2 and 3
MPEG-2 Main Profile, Main and High Levels
MVC (Multi-View Coding) for Blu-ray 3D
-Audio Codec Support
DTS Master Audio Suite (standalone application)
DTS Express*
Dolby Digital Plus*
AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)*
WMA (Windows Media Audio)*
-Export Formats
Adobe Flash
DivX Plus
MP4 (Apple iOS)
Rovi Entertainment Store (Download and Adaptive Streaming)
UltraViolet CFF (Common File Format)
Windows Media (ASF)
-Encoding Modes
One- and two-pass bit rate- controlled VBR
One-pass CBR
-Pre-Processing and Mastering
Video cropping
Video scaling
DVO Grain - Film grain filtering and management
DVO Aperture - Aperture (sharpness) correction
DVO Regrain - Add grain to material
DVO Brickwall - Advanced low-pass filtering
DVO Alias - Filtering for out-of-band frequencies in interlaced material
DVO Dust - Dust and scratch removal
Full resolution preview of filter settings
-Encoding Tools
Audio channel mapping
Import encoding presets from TotalCode Studio (.mps)
Import and embed UltraViolet metadata (.xml)
Network-distributed encoding (systems available separately)
Output Format Templates - Quickly create templates and projects that allow you to setup multiple output formats from a single source
Full preset editors providing complete parameter access for all supported codecs and formats
Instantly recallable preset editors for all parameters
Detailed encode progress display, including current speed and expected completion time
Batch Encoding - Queue multiple encoding sessions
Express Session Creation - Instantly generate new sessions from separate source files using the
current session as a template
Multi-Input Source Sessions - Encode a single movie from multiple source files
Embedding of source timecode in encoded files
Import chapter points directly from CSV or StreamData files
Flexible chapter timecode entry based from zero or any given source timecode reference
-Movie Timeline
Bit rate track
Independent bit rate displays for stereoscopic 3D encodes
Decoder buffer fill rate graph
Frame by frame picture structure track (I, P and B)
Custom entry point location track
PSNR track
Quantization track
Audio playback track
Windowed and GOP averaging views for all tracks
Target Bit Budget with MB used/remaining display
Source timecode/movie timecode display modes
Mean bit rate displays for movie and segments
-Source/Encode QC Tools
3D preview and QC, including left/ right eye toggle (supported display hardware required)
Instant toggle between synchronized source and encoded movie
Sync Mode Playback - Slave-encoded movie to source file for instant comparison
QC Loop Mode - Automatic alternating replay of a selected section of the source and movie
Varispeed playback for source and movie files
Audio playback
Transport controls for source and encoded file
-Advanced Segment Re-Encoding
Edit in-point, out-point and segment duration
Segment edit tab with parameter values
Independent bit rate controls for MVC base and dependent streams (Blu-ray 3D)
Absolute and relative bit rate editing via simple click-drag control
Access to wide number of key encoding parameters
DVO mastering tools available for segment changes
Mark new I-frames during segment editing
Multi-take segment management and auditioning
ExpressQC - Automatic segment marking based on quality metric (PSNR)
-Parameter Legalization Tools
UltraViolet CFF (Common File Format)
Blu-ray Disc Primary
Blu-ray Disc Secondary
Blu-ray Disc 3D
Rovi Entertainment Store Adaptive Streaming
Rovi Entertainment Store Download
DivX Plus
-Frame Rates
3:2 pull-down insertion
-Input Formats
QuickTime (.qt and .mov)
AVI (.avi)
AVISynth script
DPX image sequences (RGB 10-bit)
Planar YUV (.yuv)
WAV (standalone DTS Master Audio Suite Application)
CSV (chapter point list)
StreamData (chapter point list)
MPEG TS/PS (.mpg, .mpeg, m2ts)