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Download Video Copilot Element 3D Update 1.0.322 for Adobe After Effects

The dust has not even settled after releasing our new plug-in Element 3D and we already have a maintenance update for our new plug-in Element 3D because thats how we roll! Were dedicated to making this plug-in rock solid and we appreciate the feedback and responsiveness from you guys. Our team has been working through the night to fix a few bugs and improve the plug-in and the update is now live. New customers will automatically get it and previous customers just need to reinstall the plug-in.
Element 3D Update Page:
Youll also notice that inside the plug-in we added a handy notification that will tell you if a new update is available so you can stay current. BTW: The download system will also automatically add a new download try to your account when we release updates. We really tried to make this process as easy as possible!
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to update your graphics Drivers from ATI.com or NVIDIA.com for best performance with ELement 3D! We found some of the auto-updates for the drivers dont have access to the latest unless you go to the website.
On mac, the driver updates are inside the OS updates so make sure your system is up to date for newest drivers.