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Download Crazy Bump 1.2

This was a crack i found for crazybump on the bay of pirates ^.^ This File includes crazybump 1.2 and a crack for it.Enjoy. This will work on both newly installed and pre-installed versions of the software.
Copy "cb_crack.exe" to your Crazy Bump directory which is usually (C:\Program Files (x86)\Crazybump) on 64-bit systems or (C:\Porgram Files\Crazybump) on 32-bit systems.
Run "cb_crack.exe" to start up your program, this will reset your trial every time you run it. (It is recomended to always use this to start crazybump)
Optional: Right click on your shortcut of Crazybump on your desktop and choose properties. In the Target section change the ending only. It is currently "...\CrazyBump.exe"
Change it to "...

Usage guide:

  • Enter text from picture into captcha field
  • Press 'Download' button below and download archive
  • Unpack downloaded archive
  • Run Crazy_Bump_1_2_keygen.exe executable and follow instructions