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Download Rockwell Automation Arena v14-REMEDY

Released: 2012-10-14 Number of disks: xx/52
Supplied by: REMEDY Protection: Dongle/License:
Use Arena simulation software to help demonstrate, predict, and
measure system strategies for effective, efficient and optimized
Arena simulation software helps protect your business by analyzing
the impact of new, "what-if" business ideas, rules, and strategies
before implementation on live customers offline, without causing
disruptions in service
When the life of your business is at stake, let Arena help you
improve your business performance NOTE
While Rockwell only allows you to buy the Basic, Standard
Professional or Enterprise edition they themselves have an internal
version named Master Development Edition. The nice part here is
that while it's not for sale, this version will unlock all
features, and there are no limitations
Another nice feature is that while all the other versions, even the
Enterprise one cannot open templates made with the Academic
version, then this version can
So to speak, an application with god-mode!:
1. Install the application using the serial: 7328734345
2. Copy /crack/arena files into the install directory
3. Run the arena_crack.reg to import registry settings
4. Copy /crack/visual designer into /Arena/VisD/bin folder
5. Enjoy!:
* Supplier of unreleased applications, you can get access to
applications that aren't freely available to download on the web
* Coding tools in C/C++/ASM. Have a in-depth knowledge of the
Win32-API. Having knowledge about .NET/JAVA is a plus
* Crackers who love to break protections based on license schemes
dongles, cd-checks or online-based authentication methods
* Coding dynamic/generic intros and installers. Samples of your
previous work is required