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Download W!ndows 8 Profess!onal x86 Activated

This is the original (untouched) W!ndows 8 Profess!onal (32-bit) installed on a virtual machine using VMware workstation 9.
W!ndows has been activated using a public KMS Server for 180 days (6 months). And it's updated until 28/10/2012.
- Instructions:
1) Extract compressed files.
2) Copy the folder "Windows 8 Pro" to Documents/Virtual Machines or to where you store your virtual machines files.
3) Run VMware Workstation and Choose "Open" from menu "File" or click Ctrl + O.
4) Locate to the folder you just copied and click on "Windows 8 Pro" file inside it and hit open.
5) To run the virtual machine click the green Play button or just click Ctrl + B.
Link Mirror:
Link Mirror: