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Download VCLSkin 5.60 for Delphi and C

VCLSkin is a component used to create skinnable user interfaces for Delphi/C++Builder applications. Extremely easy to use, simply place the component on the Main Form and Vclskin will skin the entire application with no need for source code modification. VCLSkin is the leader in its field, supporting most third-part controls in the market, VCLSkin provides support for more 3rd-party controls than any other component of its kind.
VCLSkin support kinds of windows
Delphi Form
MDIform . (normal,Maximized, MInimized)
Common Windows dialogs (Open/Save,Font,Print,Color).
Exception MsgBox.
Embed forms.
Dockable forms.
forms in DLL
support 2 styles in application
VCLSkin support Delphi Standard Control:
The title bar of TForm
The title bar buttons
The borders of Tform
Tradiobutton and Tcheckbox
Tmainmenu and Tpopupmenu
Toolbar buttons
TTabcontrol and TPageControl
T Progressbar
TCustomCombox,Tcombobox, TDbCombobox
TPanel and TGroupbox
TMemo, TListBox,TListView,TTreeview
TRadioGroup , TDBRadioGroup.
Third party component, Enlib, AdvGrid ..