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Download Personal Knowbase 3.2.5

Can't find your critical notes when you need them? Whether you're archiving email messages, organizing your research notes, or just trying to get rid of all those bits of paper on your desk... Personal Knowbase can help. Personal Knowbase is a program for organizing free-form information using keywords. Build a personal knowledge base of all your notes, messages, and ideas. Store and index your information in one place for easy retrieval using keywords that you choose. The attachment feature even associates disk files and Internet addresses with your notes, so you can access any computerized information using the same set of keywords.
- Reduce paper clutter.
- Save hard disk space by consolidating small text files.
- Gather related information together.
- Find your information easily.
- Protect your private information with passwords.
- Cross-reference your notes with hypertext links.
Why use keywords?
Indexing with keywords sets Personal Knowbase apart from other free-form database software. Remember, it doesn't matter how easily you can store information if you can't find it.
Software that provides only string searches isn't enough. Even a complete text search on any variation of motherhood won't locate a great quote like The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. And with larger databases, searches often find many irrelevant results. Using keywords, you can find information easily by association.
Software that categorizes your notes into categories isn't enough. Does a note on books about national parks go under the Books category or the Travel category? The answer is both! Using keywords, you can cross reference your notes with as many keywords as you need.
Index your notes!
Information is power, but it's useless if you can't access it. Conquer information overload! Find that critical information when you need it!
- Record text information in articles of any size.
- Quickly access related information using keywords.
- Combine keywords with operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.
- Create hypertext links to Internet addresses, files, and other Knowbase articles.
- Associate files or Internet addresses with articles.
- Link to Internet addresses, including email addresses and files, with plain text.
- Bookmark commonly used articles with tags for instant reference.
- Password-protect your data files and articles.
- Create reports about articles and keywords.
- Search for and replace text strings.
- Search and sort by the article dates.
- Spell-check article text.
- Format article text with rich text editing capabilities.
- Store any number of articles.
- Import information from text, Cardfile, HTML, RTF, delimited text, and custom formatted text files.
- Drag in any block of text to create a new article.
- Export information to text, Cardfile, HTML, RTF, and CSV files.
- Print articles or lists of articles.
- Install Personal Knowbase on a portable drive, such as a USB drive.
- Get started with a detailed tutorial.
Suggested Uses
- Archive for your email messages.
- Index of research notes.
- Date-based tickler files.
- Reference index for books, magazines, and other resources.
- Free-format PIM for addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail.
- Cardfile software replacement.
- Reference manager program.
- Collection of tips and notes.
- Cross-referenced index of ideas.
- To-do and reminder lists.
- Meeting notes.
- Telephone conversation notes.
- Bug report database.
- Help desk.
- FAQs.
- Journals.
- Household inventory.
- Recipes.
- Hobby and collection notes.
- Travel info.
- Logs and records.
- Simple document management needs.
- Anything at all that you want to remember...