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Download Visage Imaging Amira 5.4.3

Visage Imaging Amira 5.4.3 (Windows/MacOSX) | 304.1/339.6/311.5 MB
Amira is the leading software solution that satisfies even your most demanding needs to work with clinical or preclinical image data, nuclear data, optical or electron microscopy imagery, molecular models, vector and flow data, simulation data on finite element models, and all types of multidimensional image, vector, tensor, and geometry data.
Multi purpose
One tool for interdisciplinary work
Option packages to configure Amira to your needs
Exploits latest graphics cards and processors
Easy to use
Intuitive user interface and great documentation
Cost effective
Multiple options and flexible license models
Handling large data
Very large data sets are easily accessible with specific readers
C++ coding wizard for technical extension and customization
Direct customer support with high level of interaction
Technology always updated to the latest innovation.