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Download Scada Yokogawa Fast-Tools R9.04 SP1

SCADA is built on the Java engine, low system loads (up to 5) due to the use of event-driven mechanism, thin clients (Web HMI) can be developed into a large system with hundreds of thousands of I / O points.
Flexible. When you sharpen a lot to edit in a text editor and debugger to debug a console. For drivers / O plug-in interface is implemented, something can be implemented in C. Do not crap in the registry. He sits in the same directory + one service, so do not bother with virtualke. For diligent engineers linuksoidov type. Start with the Getting Started document (included).
Existing at the time of this driver:
OPC client, ODBC interface to the server (Windows platform)
Yokogawa STARDOM
Yokogawa DAQStation
Yokogawa DAQMaster
Yokogawa FA-M3
Yokogawa ProSafe-COM (Mulcom)
Yokogawa ProSafe-PLC
Yokogawa ProSafe-RS
Yokogawa Centum (via RGS)
Yokogawa Host-Host
Modbus RTU / TCP Slave
Modbus RTU / TCP Master
Beckhoff BK8100
Rockwell CIP
Rockwell DF1
Rockwell DH +
Siemens 3964R
Siemens SAPI-S7 (for TCP c installing Simatic NET, only under Win)
Emerson BSAP
Emerson Fisher ROC
WITS level 0 slave
WITS level master 0
DNP3 Master
HEX repeater
HART router
TIE 870-5
Melsec Mitsubishi drver
IEC 60870-5-101
IEC 60870-5-102
IEC 60870-5-103
IEC 60870-5-104
Extras. information: full service running at start 1 hour, then folded and need to start all over again. You can request a free trial license for a longer period of time.
WARNING: Before installing SP1 read readme and release notes.
After installation logins ADMIN and OPER, password blank.