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Download V - RAY 1.2.6 For Cinema4D 12 and 13

V-Ray - it reytreysny render, in which there are several algorithms for global illumination (Global Illumination): there is a choice of different algorithms for computing the primary and secondary bounces of global illumination. V-Ray - a powerful visualization tool that supports the Depth of Field (DOF), Motion Blur (effect of "smearing" in the motion), Displacement (displacement map, with increasing detail of three-dimensional objects). In addition, V-ray has its own light source, a system of sun-sky for realistic lighting with natural light, and the physical camera parameters, similar to a real photo and video cameras. Vray Proxy system allows rendering of extremely large volumes of similar objects, consisting of total tens of billions of polygons. Built-in shaders provide the user with ample opportunity to simulate virtually any material. V-Ray SDK allows you to program their own shaders as well as adapt the system for specific tasks. Ability to calculate the individual picture elements in the form of channels, such as depth, diffuse color, alpha, reflection, refraction, shadows, and others, provides greater flexibility in post-processing packages compositing and editing.
Year / Date of Release: 2011
Version: 1.2.6
Developer's site: vrayforc4d.com
Bit: 32bit +64 bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present
System Requirements: Cinema4D 12 and 13
File Size: 32.81 Mb