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Download Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL 7.0

IEC 61131-3 programming, debugging and operating software for M340 PAC, Premium, Quantum, and Atrium PLCs.
Within a single software package, Unity Pro development software allows the full development of applications including on-line updates and simulation with comprehensive debug functions.
This all-in-one software program is an integral part of Schneider Electrics Transparent Ready product portfolio, optimizing operations by cutting development costs and reducing downtime across the applications entire lifecycle, from design to maintenance. It allows users with multi-processor designs to share ideas and information visually, so individuals and teams can work together more effectively.
This new and improved version features the integration of the LL984 language for Quantum Platforms and provides support for Quantum Ethernet Remote I/O. Other enhancements include:
- M340 High Speed Counter Module support
- Transfer Program on SD card without UnityPro
- Improved functionality of online changes
- Improved OFS Tag Management
- Redesigned Search/Replace
- Improvements to unlocated data transfer, animation tables, and other application services
- Better integration of third-party tools
Unity Pro Software Features: this
About Schneider Electric
From 1836 to today, Schneider Electric has transformed itself into the global specialist in energy management. Starting from its roots in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery, and ship building, it moved into electricity and automation management. After 170 years of history, Schneider Electric has become today the solution provider that will help you make the most of your energy