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Download L.A. Noire 1.3.2617 Update - RELOADED

L.A. Noire 1.3.2617 Update - RELOADED
Genre: Action/Adventure/Update
Most signficantly, this update adds Windows 8 support. By the way, be sure to allow the gsrld.dll file of the crack in Windows Defender.
Players have survived the terrors that took place on Banoi, but did they really get all the pieces of the puzzle? Dead Island's Ryder White DLC lets you re-experience the Zombie outbreak, but this time through the eyes of the villain. Play through Ryder White's story and understand the motivation behind the acts of this military man.
1. Unrar
2. Install the updates.
3. Copy over the cracked content from the Crack dir to the dir
of the game, overwriting existing files.
4. Play the game.
5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!