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Download Seapine Software TestTrack Pro 2009.0.0 for Windows

Seapine Software TestTrack Pro 2009.0.0 for Windows(x86/64)
TestTrack Pro - easy to use software to find bugs in the program being created, is a powerful quality control.
Expanding opportunities settings TestTrack Pro allows fullest adapt the solution to the current development process. Defining the states, events, and transition between states can model the most complex manufacturing processes. In addition, with one of its functions, the solution is self TestTrack Pro workflow diagrams.
TestTrack Pro integrates with source code management tools from third-party vendors, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Merant PVCS, Perforce and others. This integration can be linked program detected defects to specific fragments of the source code, which is extremely positive effect on the quality of the product.
Access to all the functionality TestTrack Pro can be accessed via web-browser in virtually any operating system or from any client Windows. The client-server architecture, TestTrack Pro allows you to put the Windows client at any point of the Internet, and receive the necessary information about errors.
TestTrack Pro allows any authorized user to see what defects have been found at this point, and what work is carried out to remove them. Furthermore, the decision TestTrack Pro provides mailing notifications by e-mail to all interested parties. Program notifies team members about their responsibility for the correction of specific errors and newly discovered problems.