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Download PageFour Premium v1.86

If you're a creative writer, you've probably learned a long time ago how to shoehorn your needs into the business-focused environment of Microsoft Word. But what if you were able to switch to a different software package, a word processor dedicated to the needs of novelists, creative writers, and everyone else who doesn't need tables, pie charts, and graphs? It's here today, and it's called PageFour!
PageFour lets you organize your writing in a way that best fits your needs as a writer. In just a keystroke, access character summaries, plot outlines, chapters, and notes. If you work on multiple pieces of work at the same time, you're used to closing and opening separate documents - but with PageFour, you'll be able to work concurrently on projects in a way that's better than ever before!
Remember that time that you wrote the most brilliant paragraph that's ever seen the light of day...only to lose it forever when your power went out? Fear not, with PageFour, you can take Snapshot Copies of your work as you write, with automatic archives of your stuff every few days.
Hard to believe, but PageFour can even make you a better writer! With PageFour, you'll be able to scan your work for overused words and phrases, giving you the freedom to jazz up your manuscript and increase your chances of landing that golden book deal!