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Download SuperEasy Video Booster 1.1.2152

[SuperEasy Video Booster 1.1.2152
Enhance videos from mobile phones and digital cameras
SuperEasy Video Boost is an editing application that allows you to optimize your video quality with just a few clicks.
This software is capable of correcting blurred videos and improving their quality. You only have to choose the desired video, adjust the optimization level and press the 'Save' button. Batch processing is also supported.
Here are some key features of "SuperEasy Video Booster":
Enhances the video quality easily and fast
Optimizes the contrasts and colors
Video Re-sharpening
Your videos could look better!
Whether self-made or downloaded videos there is almost always a loss in quality. This can be blamed among others to compression procedures, light- and weather conditions or shortcomings of mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders. A correction is time-consuming and difficult.
Why SuperEasy Video Booster?
Video Booster relieves you from the work and filters common problems from your videos. It touches up flat colors, sharpens the contrasts and optimizes the conditions of illumination. Details become visible again and colors become brighter . Complicated video editing becomes a thing of the past!
Functions at a glance
Automatic correction of quality loss
Re-adjustment of tonality
Improve videos fully automatically with just one click
Automatic re-sharpening
Automatic contrast improvement
Automatic adjustment for hue control and saturation
Real-time preview for direct before and after comparison
Optimization of several videos simultaneously
Manual optimization of single videos
Instant results
Clearly higher definition
Elimination of fog and other weather influences
Elimination of undesired color casts
Color-intensive photos trough re-sharpening of matt colors
Bright/dark correction
White balance correction
Easy and fast instead of complicated and time-consuming
Optimize several videos simultaneously in a few minutes
Show colors as they were actually seen
Supported input formats
and more
Supported output formats
and more