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Download Garmin 2013 v30 Map Updates

This pack includes Maps for Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, USA, Canada, etc. I have only updated my Nuvi 260 using only the "North America" update (On Windows 7) and it worked perfectly fine. I simply loaded the included IMG file onto an SD 2GB card and turned the GPS on. I personally would only update this way(by using SD card this way if something does go wrong you just pop the SD card out and No-Big-Deal). If you have trouble using some of the other maps it is at your own choice and I am not here to troubleshoot and provide support as I do not have the time(they should all work perfectly fine though). I didn't even use BaseCamp and I never have. So have fun with these .
Version: 2013.30
Released: October, 2012
Included in this pack:
- BaseCamp v4.0.2 Patched exe.rar 7.146 MB
- Garmin Canada NT 2013.30 Unlocked IMG.rar 100.745 MB
- Garmin Full North America NT 2013.30 Unlocked IMG.rar 1.358 GB
- Garmin Islands NA NT 2013.30 Unlocked IMG.rar 12.577 MB
- Garmin Mexico NT 2013.30 Unlocked IMG.rar 143.432 MB
- Garmin USA-Hawaii-Alaska NT 2013.30 Unlocked IMG.rar 1.108 GB
My personal Step-by-Step Instructions:
- Use 2GB or higher SD card.
- Create folder on SD card named exactly "garmin"
- Within the folder "garmin" that you created simply drop the IMG file into it.
- Safely eject SD card from your computer.
- Load SD card into your GPS unit and test it out. Enjoy
- Includes more than 7,025,000 mi (11,306,000 km) of road coverage, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local and rural roads throughout the country.
- Displays more than 10.5 million points of interest, including gas stations, parking garages, restaurants, hotels, attractions, ATMs, shopping and more.
- Includes detailed information, such as turn restrictions, speed categories and other navigational features.
- Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.
- Provides postal code support for Canada.
Product Compatibility:
This map update only can be used to update the preloaded maps that came on your Garmin device.
A card reader and microSD/SD card are required to download mapping to the following Garmin devices: eTrex Legend Cx/HCx, Vista Cx/HCx, Venture Cx; GPSMAP 60CSx/60Cx; GPSMAP 76CSx/76Cx; Rino 520HCx/530HCx; Astro 220; StreetPilot 7200/7500 (Not all devices are compatible with all downloads).
About Coverage:
Features updated, fully routable detailed maps for the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as coverage of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy and Jamaica.
Compatible Devices (As stated by Garmin site):
aera 500
aera 510
aera 550
aera 560
Colorado 300
Colorado 400c
Colorado 400i
Colorado 400t
dezl 560LMT
dezl 560LT
dezl 760LMT
Dakota 20
eTrex Legend Cx
eTrex Venture Cx
eTrex Vista Cx
eTrex Vista HCx
eTrex 20
eTrex 30
GPSMAP 62stc
Montana 600
Montana 650
Montana 650t
nuLink 1690 LIVE
nuLink 1695 LIVE
nuvi 1100
nuvi 1100LM
nuvi 1200
nuvi 1250
nuvi 1260T
nuvi 1300
nuvi 1300LM
nuvi 1350
nuvi 1350LMT
nuvi 1350T
nuvi 1360
nuvi 1370T
nuvi 1390LMT
nuvi 1390T
nuvi 1450
nuvi 1450LM
nuvi 1450LMT
nuvi 1450T
nuvi 1490LMT
nuvi 1490T
nuvi 200
nuvi 200W
nuvi 205
nuvi 205W
nuvi 2200
nuvi 2250
nuvi 2250LT
nuvi 2300
nuvi 2300LM
nuvi 2350
nuvi 2350LMT
nuvi 2350LT
nuvi 2360LMT
nuvi 2360LT
nuvi 2370LT
nuvi 2450
nuvi 2450LM
nuvi 2455LMT
nuvi 2455LT
nuvi 2460LMT
nuvi 2460LT
nuvi 2475LT
nuvi 2495LMT
nuvi 250
nuvi 250W
nuvi 255
nuvi 2555LMT
nuvi 2555LT
nuvi 255W
nuvi 2595LMT
nuvi 260
nuvi 260W
nuvi 265T
nuvi 265WT
nuvi 270
nuvi 275T
nuvi 285WT
nuvi 295W
nuvi 30
nuvi 3450
nuvi 3450LM
nuvi 3490LMT
nuvi 350
nuvi 3550LM
nuvi 3590LMT
nuvi 360
nuvi 370
nuvi 3750
nuvi 3760LMT
nuvi 3760T
nuvi 3790LMT
nuvi 3790T
nuvi 40
nuvi 40LM
nuvi 465LMT
nuvi 50
nuvi 500
nuvi 5000
nuvi 50LM
nuvi 550
nuvi 600
nuvi 610
nuvi 650
nuvi 660
nuvi 670
nuvi 680
nuvi 750
nuvi 755T
nuvi 760
nuvi 765T
nuvi 770
nuvi 775T
nuvi 780
nuvi 785T
nuvi 850
nuvi 855
nuvi 880
nuvi 885T
nuvifone G60
Oregon 200
Oregon 300
Oregon 400c
Oregon 400i
Oregon 400t
Oregon 450
Oregon 450t
Oregon 550
Oregon 550t
Rino 520HCx
Rino 530HCx
Rino 650
Rino 655t
StreetPilot c530
StreetPilot c550
StreetPilot c580
zumo 220
zumo 350LM
zumo 450
zumo 550
zumo 660
zumo 660LM
zumo 665
zumo 665LM
System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or newer
At least 1024 x 768 display
10 GB free disk space
USB port
USB data cable
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (included)
High speed Internet access (Not for use with dial-up, mobile or satellite connections)
Intel-based Mac running OS 10.5.8 or higher
1024 x 768 display
10 GB free disk space
USB port
USB data cable
High speed Internet access (Not for use with dial-up, mobile or satellite connections)
Garmin 2013 v30 Map Updates
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