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Download R and B MoldWorks 2012 SP0

MoldWorks is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry.
MoldWorks is the most powerful and flexible solution available today for the mold industry.
Initial Mold Base Library creation includes inserts pocket and slider creation with automatic pre-estimation of the mold. You can choose the initial component options and visualize the exact standard or non-standard mold base before creating it with a click of a button. Equations and mates are added so that the mold retains its coherence throughout the mold design process. Advanced functionality allows you to customize the component options, the plate sizes and configurations according to your company standards.
The MoldWorks FeatureManager tree contains the technological/mold design data you are creating allowing you to focus on the process instead of the underlying CAD geometry. RHM button menus on selected data access the relevant MoldWorks menus facilitating a mold centric environment using traditional industry terminology.
A Dedicated Intelligent Component Wizard guides you through the creation of standard (by default) and non-standard (through key-in) components and their respective holes, according to oversize values, in the relevant plates.
The Heat Exchange module creates cooling cycles from 2D and 3D sketches. A dynamic preview is created showing pipe extensions, default components and collisions. You can then browse through the pipe segments one by one modifying extension directions (where relevant), diameter and extension parameters as well as component types (connectors, plugs, baffles or o-rings) from any of the available catalogues.
The Runners & Gates module creates runners from 2D/3D sketches with dynamic preview, includes choice of profile, w/o sinks and extensions, by sketch, path or segment. Gate types are added directly or to the runner system sketch. The system creates the gate by finding the cavity in the selected direction.
Modification tools at the mold design level include collision and thin wall identification. With these tools you can quickly and efficiently modify components and plates, at the same time ensuring the integrity of the mold at every stage, giving you unparalleled flexibility during the design process.
A User Library facility to create your own component palette folders allows you to customize MoldWorks to your own specifications by leveraging standard SolidWorks tools. This feature extends the functionality of MoldWorks, customizing it to your needs, capturing company know-how, and making sure that you will always be able to complete your work within the mold design environment.
About R&B Ltd.
R&B, Ltd. develops and markets powerful; easy-to-use 3D computer-aided mold design (CAMD) software for the plastic mold and die industry. The company was created in 1994 as a separate organization through the combination of investments from Regba Kal, Israels largest mold maker, and Bercom, a leading supplier of computer-aided engineering solutions for mechanical engineering design and finite element analysis. Today, R&Bs CAMD solutions provide engineers with a complete mold design environment including intuitive intelligence, powerful functionality, unprecedented ease-of-use and a huge library of commercial components from numerous manufacturers.