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Download DVDInfoPro Elite 7.103

DVDInfoPro Elite 7.103 | 9Mb
DVDInfoPro - utility to test and more information on the CD / DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD-drives and the disc. In addition, this program allows you to test established in the CD or DVD, and quickly erase and format DVD-R/RW and DVD R / RW. It supports almost all types of drives, including DVD R DL (Double Layer), and all types of discs, including Blu-ray and HD-DVD. DVDInfoPro - this is certainly not a cure. This is just one of the tools of diagnosis. Nero plus DVDInfoPro - there is a whole "medical" consultation and "torch" on your computer, and for a collection of self-recorded discs. The latest version is integrated support for USB and FIREWIRE and technologies such as DDCD, Mt Rainier and HD-BURN. If desired, you can change the colors represent the software settings and make a screenshot of the window that displays the drive parameters.
A DVD info program that will give you information about your DVD drive, media, benchmarks and allow you to change DVD R / W bitsetting / booktype settings.
This program provides information tools for:
- Blu-ray and HD-DVD
- DVD R / RW burners
- DVD-R DL (Double Layer) burners
- DVD R DL (Double Layer) burners
- DVD-ROM players.
Build 7.103
Added detection of LabelTag Vendor unique feature
Fixed some button alignments
Fixed a crash going from MD5 function to Speed
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