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Download Drivers for Notebook ASUS K45A K45VM K45VG K45VS K45VD K75A K75VM K75VD K95VM Driver and Utility Ver 8.0

To offer you the image of the original disc came with your laptop ASUS K75VM. The disc includes all the software/drivers for the laptop. Windows 7 takes everything great program, all checked, everything works.
- Do not cut
- Nothing has changed
- The final version of the installer
* Note:
- With Windows 8, some programs refuse to run because designed for Windows 7.
- All drivers are placed well up 7, or 8.
System requirements:
- ASUS Notebook Series K45A/K45VM/K45VG/K45VS/K45VD/K75A/K75VM/K75VD/K95VM
- Windows 7/8 x64 *