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Download C++Builder 6 Enterprise Edition

C++Builder 6 Enterprise Edition
Visual environment for rapid development of applications in C + +. Allows you to compile C + + and Object Pascal in one project,
compatible with the components of Delphi.
Create an open and legkomasshtabiruemye distributed, client, server, and Internet applications, using modern standards and is platform-independent applications, built-in support and Visibroker 3.3 CORBA name service support MIDAS 2, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), high-performance embedded database drivers, including for Oracle 8 with extensions Object Relational, and support for all industry standards.
C + + Builder 6 Enterprise provides unsurpassed performance and all the benefits of visual development environment based on highly customizable AppBrowser IDE, provides tools for parallel development, allowing parallel visual editing program text and change the appearance of forms used, special methods to improve the speed of programming, such as the Code Insight , CodeBrowser, ClassExplorer, ClassCompletion and ParameterCompletion
Extras. Information: Distribution by prozbe users (my first - nebeyte much esle that ... and even on MLdonkey platform and Linux ...)