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Download T-FLEX CAD 11.0.31

T-FLEX CAD 11.0.31 x86
System T-FLEX CAD 11 - effective new means for comfortable operation of the designer
System T-FLEX CAD 11 includes a 2D-drawing tools, 3D-design, the modules of the finite element and dynamic analysis. The new version of CAD T-FLEX CAD implemented more than 200 enhancements suggested by users of the system. The new system provides the user with a set of tools that are not available in other programs of similar purpose.
Some of the advantages of CAD T-FLEX CAD 11
The user is now available commands deformation allows you to change the shape of objects in different ways. Many teams have found 3D-modeling for dynamic view of the operation. There are new options projection - so, when you create a projection of feed straightening sheet models are automatically generated projection axis bending.
Connectors - New "smart items" in the model - are themselves able to choose features and seat parts. This greatly simplifies the positioning of the fragments and the choice of parameters in the design of assemblies. A library of standard parts added the ability to use connectors, also created a new library "Tubing Connections", with more than 200 titles.
Improved variable editor now allows you to sort, group, and import the data. Tree model is able to display detailed information on the objects - it provides additional visibility and allows comprehensive analysis of the model.