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Download Gemvision Matrix 3D 6.0 SR2 32 64

Gemvision Matrix 3D 6.0 SR2 32/64
Professional CAD / CAM plug Rhinocoros, designed specifically for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry, simply indispensable for designers working on the computer.
The intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand and figure out how to work the program, where the basics of design and modeling, are reduced to the management of a set of builders.
Builders - is a time to keep the menu simple step-controlled, allowing the user to modify all the parameters of the elements. Dialogue provide a change management project in real time on screen in immediate response to user actions. Computer design is transformed into an interactive modeling process, the changing speed of the imagination of the designer.
Program whose specialist to create highly realistic models of jewelry.
More details in English:
Today you must find new and innovative ways to improve your business, like integrating Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software from Gemvision. By harnessing the power of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and making it jeweler-friendly, Matrix lets you design virtual 3D jewelry on-screen while generating a detailed color preview image that can be printed or emailed. Matrix then outputs all file types compatible with any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) device including Gemvision's Revo540C Milling System which generates dimensionally accurate models ready for casting. This total solution is leading the CAD / CAM revolution. The benefits of integrating Matrix software into your business include ...
Create your own look with unique designs
Stand out from your competition
Create 100% dimensionally accurate jewelry
Allow your customer to SEE the piece before it exists
Increase cash flow by creating virtual inventory
Increase profit margins through unique designs
Take advantage of profitable niche markets